Sunday, January 27, 2013

Alaska State Troopers

Every time I see a commercial for the show about Alaska State Troopers on National Geographic I have the same initial reaction: "How interesting can a show about state troopers in Alaska be?" Then I realize it's an entire state populated by gun nuts, fugitives from the law, drunken Native Americans, and every type of whacko who wants to engage in whatever deviant behavior flicks their Bic without anyone stopping them. I suspect being a state trooper in Alaska may be one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. You never know who or what you're rolling up on. In the episode I saw they broke up a drunken college party and investigated a severed hand that turned out to be a bear's paw. 

Plus you'd get to work  with hot chicks. Overall, I think it would be an ok job. 


  1. Comments like yours are unfounded and stereotypical of folks that live outside of the state of Alaska. You only know about Alaska through the media's edited viewpoint. We are thankful that several folks in the lesser 48 feel the same. It keeps all of you away from God's country. Have a wonderful day

  2. So, you're hiding out from the law?