Monday, January 28, 2013

Pool of Radiance: The Pyramid of Yarash

I played Pool of Radiance again over Christmas because I had some time on my hands. I play it every twenty years or so and intend to play it again ten years from now. I think I'll be safe playing it in ten years because even now a month later I barely remember what happened. One of the more interesting adventures you'll come across in Pool of Radiance is this pyramid on an island. You'll quickly figure out a teleporter is involved. So you'll want to be mapping. 

Get yourself several sleeves of those fun size candy bars because you'll be in here a couple of hours. The upshot of the pyramid is you'll find a laboratory where a cat named Yarash is performing experiments on various creatures and character races to create a mutant army. I'll leave it up to you to find Yarash, but after you defeat him make sure you claim your treasure by 

19 - Teleporter

The teleporter will take you to #19a-#19d (see #18). #19a is a one-way teleporter that you can use to quickly get out of the pyramid. #19b-d are two-way teleporters that you can use to get to treasure rooms. If you search in the treasure rooms, then you'll find lots of treasure: 

#19b: a magic user scroll, a broad sword +1, and a long sword +1 

#19c: a voulge +2, a bastard sword +1, and splint mail +1 

#19d: a long sword +2, a magic user scroll, and a ring of fire resistance 

For some reason I found this adventure more challenging than Valhingen Graveyard, but probably only because I'm rather adept at fighting the undead, whereas spatial intelligence just isn't my thing. 

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