Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Time Traveling Penis Webseries Renewed For a Second Season

Rumors that The Time Traveling Penis webseries has been renewed are true. Will we learn the origin and the true identity of TTTP in Season 2? Who knows. Will the Time Traveling Penis' arch enemy The Asshole finally make an appearance? I'm not sure. The truth is the penis was involve in an accident and is now stained with soy sauce or some brown sort of gravy and I'll have to buy another dildo if I want to create more  episodes. They say you can't change Dicks midstream, and after what happened on Bewitched I'm the last person who wants to be responsible for a dick switch like that, but maybe I'll throw an iron Man twist in their and the TTTP will get a dildo upgrade. 

I've wanted a Super 8 camera since I was a teenager, so maybe I'll buy a camera and shoot The Time Traveling Penis on film. Maybe inertia will prevent me from doing anything at all. I do have to get out in this snow and go to the bank, however.

The Time Traveling Penis. I have no idea how to get whatever stain that is off of a  pink, latex dildo. Maybe I can paint it. Maybe I'll get some Comet cleanser out and scrub it. Maybe I'll just do the world a favor and cancel the webseries.

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