Friday, February 15, 2013

NASA Builds Rocket Ship To "Find God," Gets Republican Endorsement

NASA spokesperson Peter Argent announced Tuesday the space agency's next mission would be to build a rocket ship to find God. Specifically the Christian, non-Baptist God who lives far, far away. Republican members of Congress immediately proposed a one trillion dollar increase in NASA's budget. Argent went on to unveil the design of the proposed rocket. It looked a little bit like this...

Upon seeing the design, Republican representative Zeke "Festus" Boone of Kentucky inquired whether the flames were appropriate considering this would be the first time God would be seeing the handywork of His most special creations. When Boone was told the flames made the rocket ship go faster and therefore would get to God sooner he clapped his hands thusly...

NASA plans to spend $1.98 on the obviously non-functional rocket ship, then ply the Republican members with cartoons of Marvin the Martian while they use the other $999,999,999, 998 to improve humanity by exploring our Universe both inner and outer. 

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