Friday, February 1, 2013

Tricks of the Devil Like Breath Mints

Breath mints. I can't remember the last time I used one. Sometimes I'll forget to brush my teeth then have to conduct some sort of business in close quarters, but fortunately in those circumstances I'm usually dealing with someone beneath my social station and don't give much of a duck's rectum if they find my breath offensive or not. 

I wonder if Ray Lewis has bad breath. he seems nicely groomed when i seeing him saying things in post game press conferences. My guess is he pays attention to the details of social etiquette like keeping his breath fresh. The only conceivable trip up I can imagine is if he mistook his Binaca spray for deer antler spray. It has supposedly anabolic properties. But I imagine it smells rather rank. 

The Super Bowl is just two days from now. The hardest part of the wait is the pre-game show, because no matter how long you wait to turn on the television hoping to avoid the show it's still right in the middle of the show. I have Colin Kaepernick in a keeper league and I'm excited about his future in the NFL so I hope he does well. I really thought he was going to lay an egg in one of the high pressure games he has been in and people would start yelling for Alex Smith to replace him, but Alex Smith can't win a game for you. 

So, I'm hoping for a Niners win on Sunday, which virtually assures we'll be doing a word count on how many time Ray Lewis says the word "god" in the post game interview.

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