Sunday, March 24, 2013

Outsider Poet Comes Inside, But Refuses To Relinquish Outsider Status

Outsider poet Henry Wolfsburg came inside several times last Friday evening during an open mic reading for Outsider Poets in Butte, Montana, but refused to subsequently turn in his Outsider poet membership card, as organizational by- laws require.

Three Outsider poets who remained outside in inclement conditions despite being asked several times to come in and warm their hands said "This is bullshit."

This reporter contacted the head of the Outsider Poetry Association of America, Nigel Higgenbothen, but his phone calls were not returned.

Wolfsburg admitted to stepping inside the Ambivalent Goat tavern twice. Once to pee, and another time to see what time it was, but he claims never considered reading a poem.

But Outsider purist Courtney Starkfield isn't buying it. "He knew damn well the first step inside The Goat voided his membership in the Outsider Poetry Association of America." 

Seventeen poets took place in the reading that night. All have been given thirty days to find another organization to join.

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