Friday, April 12, 2013

I Am Momus

What if the gods didn't care about morality at all?

What if all the gods cared about was that you didn't bore the hell out of them?

Aeons and aeons being forced to watch this farce, and all you want is to see someone, anyone, do something original, interesting, or even slightly taboo.

Please, break the rules. If I see one more pious human trying to buy their way into heaven by restraining the very desires and appetites I took such pains to instill in them 

Deride me. Mock me. Cast your frustrations and shortcomings upon me.

Have other gods before me. I have other things to do anyway. Your worship adds nothing to me, and your negligence takes nothing away from me.

Ignore my few admonitions. I am amused by the consequences of your hubris. 

I am Momus. Humor is an absolute defense.

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