Thursday, January 8, 2015

We Are Not Charlie Hebdo. We Are Momus Shrugged. And He Just Did.

I should imagine the worst part of being gunned down by Muslim extremists at your workplace, assuming your workplace is the satiric magazine Charlie Hebdo, is knowing the cocksuckers from The Onion, who haven't had the balls to say anything socially relevant in twenty years are going to take it upon themselves to assume the mantle of defending satire, and the importance of free speech. What a horrible way to die.

Well, here at Momus Shrugged we don't wait for you to die at the hands of Muslim extremists to defend free speech, or say something of moment. Because at Momus Shrugged we enjoy the privilege of no one reading our work, and the secondary privilege of not giving much of a fuck if you do, we just do what we like. Like this handy one paneler our artist Tim Stotz whipped up in 2009 on Blasphemy Day. I hope you won't kill him. 

Sofa King #2. There was a number one, but I think it was also about buttfucking so it's kind of redundant. 

On the positive side: you know you're a serious satirist when they kill you. Nobody ever associated with The Onion has as much as had their hair mussed up. We can only hope.