Saturday, July 25, 2015

Outsider Poet Comes Inside Two More Times, Refuses To Relinquish Outsider Status

An Outsider Poet who had been spotted going inside several times last week in Scranton was at it again this week, going inside at least three times that were caught on tape.

When confronted by the Literary Police Outsider Poet Pete Dobrowski claims he was merely looking inside the building when the revolving door caught him by surprise, sweeping him inside where he felt it was only polite to read seven or eight of his poems about his cat.
But look at this shocking evidence the Momus Shrugged team has just uncovered...

Apparently Mr. Dobrowski is confused what the meaning of the word "outsider" is, as he seems to be a repeat inside offender. 

Here at Momus Shrugged we enjoy exposing the hypocrisy of the Outsider Poets. We understand why they like to go inside. That's where the buffets and free wine are. Also, if you're outside the wind often muffles your jeremiad about no one appreciating your own personal brand of suffering, and sometimes blows away the paperwork you are filling out for a federal grant.