Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hillary Perfect Candidate To Remind Progressives To Remain In Broken Relationship

Hillary Clinton seems like the perfect candidate to remind Progressive voters in the Democrat party to remain in a broken relationship. They want to go. They know they should go. And the abuse that started as soon as it was taken seriously by the party establishment that many of them weren't really joking about supporting an unabashed, unapologetic Socialist candidate as the Democratic nominee seems to be getting more and more intense daily.

Democratic voters that support Bernie Sanders are similar to people who remain in abusive relationships in that the Democratic party takes them for granted, ignores their needs, and punishes them any time they even think about leaving. After however many weeks or months it takes the establishment to beat this Progressive revolution into the ground they will come back to us like any abuser apologizing that we had to be shown a lesson for our own good, and it's now in our best interest to make up, forgive and forget, and be good little boys and girls and support the party candidate.

But why? The Democratic party in many real ways that I consider significant has abandoned a large cross-section of its voters. Abandoned is too strong a word. I'll return to taken for granted. It seems like now we're in a position of waiting for a trickle down effect from our own party. A lot of people have done really well under Obama, and I am proud to have voted for him the first time. I think he repaired a lot of damage done by George W. Bush. I did not vote for him the second time, however, as my own protest. He was going to win my state, Illinois, and I wanted to cast a vote for a Jill Stein. But I was also disappointed he had left a lot of promises unfulfilled. The surveillance state is still watching our every move, we bailed out Wall Street and the auto industry and seemed to get nothing in return, Gitmo remains open, and the working and middle classes don't seem to be sharing in the robust recovery we're told has happened to the American economy.

Now Hillary promises us four more years of the same. The same what? No COLA for seniors and disabled this year. The same wars that only benefit the military/industrial complex? The same millions and millions of Americans who have no health care while we wait for a politician with enough guts to stand up to the insurance and pharmaceutical industry? The same devastation of the environment as big energy ransacks the environment? The same vampire banking industry bleeding the American worker dry? 

I don't think Hillary is the right candidate to address these problems because I think she is beholding to those interests more than she is willing to spurn them and their money in favor of doing the right thing. So, many of the issues Progressives, Liberals, even moderate Democrats consider important will probably not be solved in a Hillary Clinton administration.

By her own admission. No, we can't. We need to grow up and accept the fact that no matter what the American people want we're going to get what the people who finance her campaign want. For one, I consider being told I am an idealist and have no understanding of politics, economics, or policy insulting and condescending, but welcome to the world of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

I don't foresee a scenario where I will vote for Hillary Clinton under any circumstances. I am aware of the implications to the Supreme Court, Obamacare, and the pain cuts to social and educational programs under another Republican administration will cause in America, but I think it's time as a Progressive to plant my flag here, wish a Democratic party establishment I consider at best unresponsive to my wishes and needs good luck on their knees to corporate power, and vote my conscience.


  1. If Hillary's campaign is like an abusive relationship then Bernie Sanders' is America's Midlife Crisis.

    While Bernie is running around with the cool crowd of young hipsters, letting everyone play with guns, yelling about fighting the man, and giving away free college, somebody has to figure out how to keep the family's health insurance going, do the hard work of legislating, slogging through budgets, folding the damn socks, keeping the peace with the neighbors, and reaching across the aisle to make friends with the carpetbagging floozies for the sake of the kids.

    And while every kid loves to spend the weekend with Bernie because he promises the weekly allowances will go up to $15.00/hour, nobody will get grounded and we can stay up all night eating donuts and pizza, guess who has the shitty job of making us eat our vegetables, compromise with our siblings, telling us $12 is all we can afford right now, and do our damn homework? Hillary, because she knows it's healthier for the family to put your head down and work on the mess we made instead of chucking it all and backpacking to some idealized, socialist, legalized, organic, free love, commune.

    So, when we're standing in front of the courts arguing about it, slogged down in the minutia of it all, deep down we all know what's best for us in the long run... even though she's a hard ass, I want to live with Mom.

  2. How's that for condescending ;P

    1. I'll just leave this here. ot sure Hillary Clinton washes her own underwear.