Monday, February 8, 2016

New Slam Poetry League To Give Thousands of Poets Undeserved Sense of Accomplishment

The Outsider Poetry Federation announced Thursday at a teleconference that a five team league of slam poetry teams had been formed and would begin competition in May. The league has plans to branch out into all major American cities eventually, meaning there is a chance for thousands of poets to undeservedly feel better than other people. 

We caught up with Sheboygan Syllabists lead slammer Scrunto and asked him what impact he thought an organized poetry slam Federation might have on falling literacy rates among American teenagers.

Scrunto said he thought literacy rates would go up because adolescents look up to slam poets. But Rancho Cucamonga Kookamungas team captain Loyd Bridges didn't seem to agree. It's hard to compete with all the electronic devices and options kids have these days the star of the show Ocean Hunt said. 

The truth is no one really know what would happen if children are exposed to poets as role models. What little research that has been conducted is largely anecdotal and suggests it could be a disaster for kids to emulate poets. 

Others disagree and say the more poetry the better. 

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